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Forest Management & Consultancy

Forest Management & Consultancy

Forest Management & Consultancy

Forest Management & Consultancy

Sylva Nova was created by Pierre Hermans,
active in the forest sector since 1994.

Its name reflects its purpose: sustainable forest management (sylva), constantly evolving (nova).

For a living, natural, and multifunctional forest

A well-managed forest simultaneously achieves a number of functions: protecting the environment and biodiversity, regulating the climate, contributing to our health, providing wood, creating the landscape…; none of these functions takes precedence over the others – all are essential to human life and its balance.

In order to appreciate the full value of forests and to make them even stronger within the context of climactic urgency, Sylva Nova strongly recommends a management based on the long term, on respect for naturalness and on diversity.

Sylva Nova practices a non-invasive forest management, totally avoiding both clear cutting and establishing planting records, favoring permanent cover and irregular growth, protecting and completing natural regeneration, encouraging a diversity of species perfectly adapted to the soil and local conditions.

‘Follow nature’s course, complete and speed up its work’ is more than ever the Sylva Nova’s approach.

In the short or long-term, Sylva Nova carries out various missions involving temperate forests, mainly in Europe:

  • Development of sustainable management plans for private and public forests
  • Reforestation and forest landscape restoration
  • Implementation of forest certification processes
  • Advice on forest policy and governance

Sylva Nova works with both the private and public sectors: private and institutional forest owners, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international bodies, corporate sector, professional associations and think tanks…

Sylva Nova is characterized by its independence, its network of partners and contacts, its constantly-updated level of knowledge, its sense of ethics and its interest in geopolitical issues and international affairs related to the forest.

Sylva Nova fosters passion for the forest, taste for travel and sharing experiences…

Forest management

Alongside the private and institutional forest owners and managers

Forest management plans

Development of medium or long-term forest management plans, complying with the strictest local regulations and sustainability standards while meeting the objectives and expectations of the owner.

End to end management from tree planting to the final use of the timber.

Rehabilitation and restoration of damaged forests

Rehabilitation of forest areas damaged by natural disasters or other events such as storms, fires, diseases, unsustainable woodland, pressure from wildlife…

Landscape management of natural forest areas

Monitoring of and recommendations for the management of green areas with a forest profile such as private or public recreational forest areas, landscaped sites…

Reforestation & forest landscape restoration

Preserving the forest: a necessity!

The urgent requirement to plant and replant trees no longer needs to be demonstrated. The United Nations has also made it one of its 17 “Sustainable Development Goals » : goal 15, Life on Land. It aims to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

The Forest is an indispensable actor for the global preservation of our environment. It captures and stores a part of the overproduction of CO2 linked to our human activities, it contributes to water filtration, prevents soil erosion and feeds it with biomass, contributes to climate mitigation, houses 80% of terrestrial animal species and constitutes a formidable tank of biodiversity, supports agriculture by improving the life of the soil (agroforestry), provides freshness… No technology can equal it, and yet the Forest is under threat.

In Europe and further

As an operational actor on the national and international scene, Sylva Nova actively contributes to restoring damaged forests and/or increasing the overall forest coverage. The plantations taken over by Sylva Nova are managed locally. They all respect the native species, the local best practices and are carried out with a view to optimizing biodiversity.

Nearly 1,000,000 trees per year

Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Armenia, Ukraine, Czech Republic…

  • Increase the forest coverage by converting neglected agricultural land into forests
  • Reforest areas that have been severely burned or devastated by natural disasters
  • Preserve the heritage by restoring forest landscapes
  • Afforest areas threatened by drought and desertification
  • Structure, enrich and diversify forests to ensure their sustainability
  • Conserve threatened species
  • Restore native forests
  • Rebuild a natural forest after industrial activities
  • Reforest areas affected by pests…

Some key partners

Reforest’Action is a B Corp-certified company created in 2010 and dedicated to preserve, restore and create forests in France and around the world, in response to the climate emergency and biodiversity loss. It raises awareness among as wide an audience as possible about the power of forests and the necessity of preserving them. It acts through preserving and restoring forests in France and across the world.

For many years, Sylva Nova has been working with Reforest’Action for the analysis, selection and monitoring of various projects mainly undertaken at European level. Sylva Nova also provides its technical expertise in the domain of agroforestry projects.

For more information:

To empower people of all ages to make a difference for all living things”, this is the motto of the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium. The Institute concentrates its efforts on planting forests in Belgium and Africa, promoting young people’s initiatives to make positive changes for our communities, animals, and the environment and on supporting projects which protect wild chimpanzees and other threatened species, as well as the habitats they live in.

Sylva Nova has been selected as a reference partner by the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium to establish and implement reforestation projects in Belgium.

For more information:

Committed companies and institutions

Today, companies and institutions fulfill more than a simple economic function. At the heart of the societal challenge, they are aware of the role they also have to play for the benefit of their ecological, social or cultural environment.

Sylva Nova provides them with an environmental pragmatic action: the sponsorship of some reforestation and forest restoration projects. Sylva Nova is in charge of the selection of sites with added value, of the management of financing, of the operational management of the plantation and of the project monitoring.


Expertise missions

Sylva Nova willingly shares its operational expertise and its continuous apprenticeship in various consultancy missions and studies allied to the challenges facing forests:

  • Environmental compensation programs linked to the construction of new infrastructures
  • Forest impact studies
  • Local communities’ consultation and meetings
  • Environmental and forestry communication
  • Botanical inventories through on-site visits
  • Information/training sessions

Contributing to the work of the United Nations

  • UNECE section (Forestry and Timber section)
    • Member of the ‘Monitoring Sustainable Forest Management’ group of experts.
      Research and works contributing to the worldwide evaluation of forest resources and the sustainable nature of their management.
    • Member of the ‘Green Jobs ’ group of experts – a joint FAO-CEE-OIT experts’ network.
      Advice to and support to the secretariat of the CEE-FAO on employment, education and training in the forest domain within the context of the green economy.
    • Observer of the ‘Forest Policy’ team.
      Contribution to the establishment and implementation of tools to support a rational policy in the forest sector of the CEE region, specifically in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.
  • FAO section (Food and Agriculture Organization)
    Active contribution to the publications, meetings and workshops of the ‘Forest Communicators Network’ in the domain of the multi-functional nature of forests.

Networking and experience sharing

European Forest Institute

Participation in the different activities of the ‘Think Forest’ think tank with a scientific orientation. Its aim is to give political decision-makers information allowing them to position forests and wood as a key natural resource to be protected and promoted.

History of French Forests Group

Member of the multi-disciplinary group for forest study, forest and woods heritage (Paris 4 Sorbonne).

The Shift
(The Belgian Sustainability Network)

Membership in this network with the aim of contributing with its members to a transition towards a more sustainable society and economy.

Grouped FSC® certification

First cross-border holder of an FSC® group certification in Belgium and France

The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification is the strictest standard that confirms a sustainable and balanced management of the forest. Thanks to the guarantee it gives to wood buyers, it also provides easier access to the most demanding local and international markets.

To date, Sylva Nova is:

  • The first and only private group with bi-national FSC® certification recognized in Belgium and France (License IMO/FM-COC 170214);
  • Board Member at FSC® Belgium;
  • Member of the North Economic Chamber of FSC® International.

What is meant by grouped certification?

Group certification allows several forest owners to be covered by a single certificate. This enables them to share certification costs and simplify administrative management.

Sylva Nova takes on the comprehensive management of the certification process:

  • Analysis or preliminary drawing up of the forest management plan
  • Verification of compliance with FSC® standards
  • Management of the various administrative steps
  • Admission into the group
  • Annual audit of the forest and compliance monitoring
  • Recommendations on best practices and sustainable management

This FSC® group is open to owners whose forest is regularly managed by Sylva Nova and to external owners simply wanting to acquire the certification for their forest(s).

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