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Forest Management & Consultancy

Forest Management & Consultancy

Forest Management & Consultancy

Sylva Nova

Sylva Nova was created by Pierre Hermans,
active in the forest sector since 1994.

Its name summarises its purpose: sustainable forest management (sylva), constantly evolving (nova).

In the short or long-term, Sylva Nova carries out various missions concerning temperate forests, mainly in Europe and in the Balkans:

  • Development of sustainable management plans for private and public forests
  • Identification of sustainable and responsible supply channels
  • Analyses and advice relating to the wood markets
  • Economic valorisation of forest products
  • Advice concerning forest policy and governance
  • Implementation of forest certification processes
  • Reforestation projects

Sylva Nova works with both the private and public sectors:

  • Private and corporate forest owners
  • Governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • International bodies
  • Wood sector industry (from micro-enterprises to multinationals)
  • Professional associations and think tanks
  • Certification organisations

Sylva Nova is characterised by its independence, its network of partners and contacts, its constantly-updated level of knowledge, its sense of ethics and its interest in geopolitical issues and international affairs relating to the forest.

Sylva Nova cultivates the passion for forest, the taste for travel and sharing experiences.


Expert on forests, their challenges and markets

Analysis and monitoring of the wood markets

Permanently connected to the wood markets, Sylva Nova uses this knowledge for specific analysis missions (e.g. analysis of the international wood market) or to develop forest management plans to optimise their returns.

Introduction, analysis and control of sustainable wood supply systems

Sylva Nova contributes to the identification and establishment of sustainable supply chains respecting international standards to combat the illegal use of wood (EUTR/VPA and FLEGT devices/ FSC®/PEFC, etc).

Communication and popularisation

Sylva Nova contributes to the development of communication media concerning forestry issues. Whether specialist periodicals or ad hoc documents aimed at the general public, Sylva Nova contributes to the reinterpretation and validation of the content.

Sylva Nova is an expert consulted by

The United Nations

UNECE – Geneva (Forestry and Timber Section)

  • Expert within the Team of Specialists “Sustainable Forest Products and Markets” team

    Market analysis, reports, contribution to publication, participation in meetings and workshops to strengthen the team’s capacities.

  • Expert within the Team of Specialists “Wood Energy”

    Participation in meetings and workshops to strengthen the team’s capacities and contribute to publications.

  • Observer of the Team of Specialists “Forest Policy”

    Contribution to the development and implementation of tools to support a rational policy in the EEC’s forest sector, specifically in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

FAO section (Food and Agriculture Organisation )

  • Member of the “Forest Communicators Network”

    Participation in the network’s meetings and workshops. Sylva Nova specialises in communication relating to the multi-functionality of forests.

The FSC® Belgium

(Forest Stewardship Council®)

Consultant, support, and participation in the different working groups.

The European Forest Institute

Participation in the different activities of the politic and scientific think tank, “Think Forest”. Its aim is to give political decision-makers information allowing them to develop forest and wood as a key natural resource to be protected and promoted.

Forest management

Serving private and corporate forest managers and owners

Forest management plans

Development and implementation of medium or long-term management plans complying with sustainability standards and local regulations, based on the economic, ecological, social and landscape objectives of the forest concerned. Comprehensive management from planting to final use of woods.

Economic development of cut wood

Economic development of timber and yield optimisation thanks to keen knowledge of the local and international markets.

Rehabilitation of the forest following natural disasters

Rehabilitation of forest areas damaged by natural disasters such as storms, fires, floods, etc.

Landscape management of natural forest areas

Monitoring and recommendations concerning the management of green spaces with a forest profile such as golf courses, private or public recreational forest areas, etc.

Grouped FSC® certification

First holder of a FSC® group certification open to any owner in Belgium

To date, Sylva Nova is the only private group with FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council®) recognised in Belgium (Licence FSC- C137690).

The FSC® certification relates to sustainable and balanced forest management. Thanks to the guarantee it gives to wood buyers, it provides access to the most demanding local and international markets.

Group certification

Group certification allows several forest owners to be covered by a single certificate in order to share certification costs and simplify the administrative management.


Sylva Nova takes on the comprehensive management of the certification on behalf of owners wanting to join the group and promote their wood under the FSC® label:

  • Analysis or preliminary development of the forest management plan
  • Verification of compliance with FSC® standards
  • Management of the various administrative steps
  • Admission within the group
  • Annual audit of the forest and compliance monitoring
  • Recommendations in terms of sustainable management and yield optimisation

This FSC® group is open to owners whose forest is regularly managed by Sylva Nova and external owners simply wanting to acquire the certification for their forest(s).


By holding a FSC® certificate for your forest, you are not only highlighting your good forestry practices, you are also adding value to your woods.


To find out more about this label:


A corporate sustainable commitment

Making a commitment with Sylva Nova

As a field actor at national and international levels, as well as an expert for the UN, Sylva Nova connects forests needing (re)forestation with companies that wish to contribute. Its global support includes:

  • Identification of sites needing reforestation
  • Finance and commitment management
  • Operational planting management
  • Regular information (written and visual) and project monitoring

By putting its name to an environmental commitment and with appropriate communications, your company benefits from a brand image strengthened by positive values, an opportunity to develop the staff’s feeling of belonging and motivation, a better integration in the local community, with the public authorities and civil society in general …

Reforestation provides an opportunity for responsible companies to support a public interest initiative.

Sylva Nova collaborates with several reforestation actors worldwide. Reforest’Action is a privileged partner with whom we have selected and integrated many projects in different European countries.