Forest in One Day 2021, an edition impacted by Covid-19

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On February 7, Sylva Nova was present, for the second consecutive year, along with representatives of the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium and Luminus for the 2021 edition of their national operation “Forest in One Day”.

For this “Covid proof” edition, the actions of plantation could not be organized with the participation of the public. But the trees were planted!  In Visé, Sylva Nova and its nursery partner Pirothon conceived and carried out a new plantation of 3.000 trees near the natural and exceptional site of “La Montagne Saint-Pierre”.  The development of this site is part of a process of reconversion and revalorization of a space which was no longer managed. Instead of a former soccer field, a new space has been created to be perfectly integrated into its natural surroundings. The project has been designed by maintaining the existing plantations that can be preserved and by giving pride of place to hedges, wooded strips, pollard trees and diversified islets framing a vast open space. This can only benefit both biodiversity and the fight against global warming.

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