Sylva Nova takes part in the inauguration of a wind farm in a forest – a major first in Belgium

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On January 25th 2019, Sylva Nova was delighted to accept the invitation of EDF Luminus to the inauguration of its first wind farm in a forest. Sylva Nova was able to visit the site, talk with those behind the project and with the local authorities present, and also answer questions relative to what is at stake in the domain of forests… The stakes were limited in this case of a site with low biological value, and thanks to compensatory measures taken to increase biodiversity, and to future marked out pathways dedicated to educational development and to maintaining the economic functioning of the forest. An expert in forests and reforestation, Sylva Nova is involved in the thinking process and in action relating to the fight against climate change. The necessary energy transition and reforestation are two of the key elements of this.

For more information:–un-parc-eolien-en-zone-dexploitation-forestiere-contribue-a-un-plus-grand-respect-de-la-nature#

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