Visible celebrates its 20th birthday by planting trees with Sylva Nova

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On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, advertising and marketing communication agency Visible undertook a gesture towards society at large by associating itself with a reforestation project. This commitment fits in perfectly with the values operated by Visible since its creation in January 1999: nourishing long term client relations, the fulfilment of its personnel, responsible management following a principle of sustainable economic development which respects Man and the Planet.

It was in Mohiville, in the Province of Namur (Belgium), that 4 ,000 trees were recently planted on abandoned agricultural land in order to extend the existing neighbouring forest which is already FSC certified. Among sustainable benefits which arise from this action and beyond the obvious trapping of carbon, we would point to the promotion and conservation of biodiversity through a selection of various species, the preservation of the animal life which includes species of cave-dwelling birds, and the possibility of reintroducing deer into an environment which is better suited to their needs, along with a  contribution to the landscaping features of the Condroz region and the presence of remarkable trees on the edge of the wooded area..

This project even more delights Sylva Nova in that Visible is the company in charge of its visual identity and which it selected to support a responsible approach which has sense for the whole of the team! The geographical proximity of the replanted site to the agency’s offices will enable Visible to shortly plant the last trees remaining to go into the ground and to follow the evolution of this forest over the long term, at close quarters.

Sylva Nova wishes Visible a Happy Birthday and thanks all of its team for this commitment!

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