A different Sunday… Sylva Nova actively participates in the “Forest In One Day” action initiated by the Jane Goodall Institute with the support of Luminus.

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On 2 February, Sylva Nova was present alongside representatives of the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium and Luminus to launch the 2020 edition of the Forest In One Day operation. In Tinlot, nearly 3,000 trees were planted in a single day by a large number of volunteers who were not at all discouraged by the rain and wind.  For proof: all generations combined have taken spades and young plants of beech, oak, chestnut, cherry, lime or maple trees that will make this strong and diversified forest an environmental, social and landscaping asset for the region.


Sylva Nova is delighted with this mobilization and thanks all the organizers and volunteers present, for their enthusiasm and their desire to learn more about the issues related to the forest. In all, 18,000 trees were planted during Forest in One Day in Belgium and 1,200,000 more will be planted in Africa.




This is the end of the 2020 edition, the first in which Sylva Nova participated but which will not be the last; its involvement is already planned for the next two editions.

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