March 21 – International Forest Day – Thanks to the forests

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In the late 1970’s, the FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) established March 21 as the ‘International Forest Day’. Its objective: to inform the public about the numerous ways in which our forests benefit us, so that they can be recognized and appreciated at their true value.


In this period of containment allied to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not possible for us to gather in large numbers to celebrate the forest. It is nevertheless essential to remind everyone how much the forest fulfils numerous functions vital to human life: protector of the environment and biodiversity, landscape architect, provider of benefits for our health, wood producer…


In order to preserve the forest and perpetuate its many virtues and benefits, it is our duty to use our experience and know-how to comprehensively maintain it. How can this be done? By assisting its natural regeneration, by being particularly attentive to the choice of species, by taking account of circumstances, without being subjugated to current trends or the dictates of the market, by accepting the notions of the long term and the unalterable  life-cycle of the tree.


It is in a well considered and sustained manner, favouring quality over quantity, that forests must be assisted in their natural regeneration and evolution.

In these difficult times, the forest remains a place where it is still possible, and even advisable, for us to walk, in strict compliance with the instructions of ‘social distancing’. Today, more than ever, we should learn how to appreciate the forest for its true value. See you in a few weeks, to once again take up our various actions of reforestation and preservation.


Not like before, but better than before.

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