Sylva Nova and the Achouffe Brewery planting at Seny

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‘Chouffing Responsibly’ is one of the commitments of the Achouffe Brewery which has been located close to Houffalize since the 70’s. The enterprise, which brews its beers in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, is indeed concerned to sustainably preserve this natural heritage and to take care of our planet and of those who live on it.

Along with the Bos+ not for profit organization, the Duvel-Moorgat family, which has its ties with the Achouffe Brewery, has therefore decided to take part in a vast tree-planting project. It is with the assistance of Sylva Nova that the first Chouffe parcel was replanted in a participative manner on November 23rd 2019 in the Seny Wood, close to Nandrin in Belgium. This wood, infected by an ash disease, was gravely wasting away, necessitating a substantial cull for health reasons. Thanks to the support of the Brewery, the numbers are going to be able to be reconstituted (8,500 to 9,000 extra trees, mostly ash and oak), thus ensuring the durability of the wood with all its environmental benefits.

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