Radermecker Group reinforces its human dynamic and its social commitment with Sylva Nova

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On the occasion of the inauguration of its new infrastructure dedicated to industrial packaging, on November 29th 2019 at Battice, the Radermecker Group decided to contribute, along with Sylva Nova, to a reforestation project in Belgium.  In line with its family culture and its desire for inclusion, the company therefore wishes to increase its different actions in favour of the local environment and of its personnel. Quality of life and the integration of the enterprise into the local community are indeed priorities for its management team. They elected to carry out reforestation of the Logbiermé site at Trois-Ponts in Belgium. The plantation, scheduled for the next spring  will extend to 5,000 trees with a degree of variety of species which should lead to a noticeable improvement in biodiversity while retaining the natural regeneration which is beneficial to the maintenance of the forest character.

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