Eloy Water totally assumes its responsibilities towards society by electing to participate in a vast reforestation programme with Sylva Nova

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Eloy Water works in a domain which today represents an undeniable worldwide challenge: water. Along with the collection and purification solutions which play their part in protecting our environment, Eloy Water is also an economic and industrial player which wishes to assume its responsibility to society.


It is for this reason, and with the encouragement of its committed personnel, that Eloy Water has already taken many constructive initiatives and continues to investigate all possible paths for reducing its impact at source. In 2019, Eloy Water is particular decided to participate, along with Sylva Nova, in a reforestation project with a dual objective: compensate as far as possible for the CO2 emissions allied to transport involving the purification stations and improve the lives of its personnel. The forest is an ideal response to these objectives: a contribution to reducing CO2, decreasing natural catastrophes, fighting against climate change, purifying the air we breathe, preserving biodiversity and the ground beneath our feet… And all this with an educational and society-oriented aspect, while improving the environment and well-being of local populations.


Eloy Water has therefore committed to planting almost 26,000 trees in Belgium and France over the course of this 2019 – 2020 season.  In Belgium, at La Roche en Ardenne, 4,150 trees have just been planted in a pure forest zone in order to transform a singles species area of spruces destroyed by bark beetle, into a far richer and more resistant diversified plantation.  In France, close to 21,850 trees will be planted in 2020 in the Hérault department, where a young forest has been decimated by an attack of insects including mouflons, and in the Cantal department where tree replanting will replace the rotting spruces which have had to be cut down.

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