Sylva Nova looks back at the 2019-2020 season with great satisfaction and much gratitude

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We stated this clearly in September 2019: the new season  would be a very busy ‘new forest year’ for Sylva Nova. And as we move into 2020, the figures show this to have been the case. The 2019-2020 reforestation season, as mandated to Sylva Nova, will amount to some  750,000 new trees to be planted; 160,000 have already been put in the earth over recent weeks. By order of volume, these are to be found in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Iceland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

It is only natural that we are delighted to see such enthusiasm for reforestation and the preservation of forest zones. We owe this to the growing commitment of enterprises and institutions which have ever more concern for their responsibility towards society, and which are either acting directly or via our fruitful collaboration with ReforestAction. These enterprises will recognise themselves in these words and we give them heartfelt thanks for the interest and confidence they show in us!


While we’re on the subject of good news, Sylva Nova has also connected with the Belgian representatives of the Jane Goodall Institute for ensuring plantation in Belgium and has obtained the green light from FSC International for the extension of its private holder certification by the FSC group (Forest Stewardship Council) of Belgium and France. This cross-border recognition now enables French landlords to obtain the FSC label for their forests by pooling costs and simplifying procedures, but also to join a passionate group rich in experience and exchange of ideas, just at the moment when their role and the future of forests, are at the very heart of so much reflection.


As we approach the half way point of this constructive season, Sylva Nova would like to thank the enterprises, sponsors, partners, forest owners and its growing team, by offering them its Best Wishes for the New Year and by recalling that planting a forest means adding value to a region and a community for several generations.


A report by local Belgian television channel RTC bears witness to a successful collaboration between a forest owner, a sponsoring  enterprise and Sylva Nova:

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